History of Neðra-Vatnshorn

The valley where the farm Neðra-Vatnshorn is located is called Linakradalur, meaning ”flax field valley”. The settlers saw the cotton-grass that ruled the landscape and were reminded of the linen fields back home. The farm itself is named after the Vatnsnes mountains looking down on the farm. From these mountains you have a great view over the lake Miðfjarðarvatn that once was a gathering place for the people living nearby. In the winter the people used to play icehokey on top of the frozen lake.

Earliest records show that the land of the farm belonged to the church of Hólar in Hjaltadalur (Skagafjörður) already in 1520. In 1801, during the rule of bishop Jón Arason, the farm was sold to a private farmer. In 1845 the farm was divided into two separate farms: Efra (upper ) and Nedra-Vatnshorn (lower).

The charming guesthouse was built in 1936 and has been in the family for three generations.The farmer today and his family were living in this house till 1991 when a new house for the family was build.

The old house became a new rule as a guesthouse in 1992. It was completely renovated inside and later also insulated with iron outside.

There is a garden with pinetrees and flowers and a terrace in front of the house with a table, chairs and a grill.

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Neðra-Vatnshorn is a dairy farm with sheep and  horses.There is over 350 ha of land for the animals to graze and roam free. Of this land 26 ha are used to grow gras which is cutted every summer to make hay of it for feeding the animals in winter. In summer all sheep are staying in the hills above the farm for few months until they are gathering together again in middle of September.