Guided day hiking in the mountainhills on request.

Short walkings around the farm and to the lake.

Birdwatching on the lake.

A marked hiking path of 11km from a farm nearby over the mountains to the camping side of Hvammstangi. We can bring our guests to the start place and pick them up in Hvammstangi  for a small amount.

Troutfishing in lakes and rivers in the area. Permission for fishing on arrangment with the host.

Sealwatching and angling by boat from Hvammstangi village.

Sealwatching by land at Illugastaðir and Svalbarð.

Horseriding on two farms nearby can be booked here at the farm.

Swimming pool in the village with three hot tubs and a sauna.


Many interested places to visit in this peninsula such as,


Borgarviki fortress a basalt formation with a view point.


Hvítserkur , a picturesque rock in the sea.


Illugasstaðir , a historical place and the best conditions for watching seals there.

Kolugljúfur waterfalls in a magnicifient canyon by the river Víðidalsá.